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If you have been stuck in a reoccurring pattern and unable to move forward in a specific area in your life, then read this page fully and carefully.

It may simply be that you haven’t yet worked out either what you are doing (at an unconscious multiple brain level) that keeps you stuck or if one or more brains or intelligences aren’t cooperating happily together.

So…let’s remedy that in just 60 or 90 minutes!

During our appointment, we’ll cover these 3 vital elements

  1. Getting clear on one aspect of your life that you really want to achieve or ‘become’.
  2. Discover what unconsciously stops you from a ‘multiple brain’ perspective.
  3. Gather insights and define your next steps.

The Breakthrough Laser Coaching Sessions are an introduction so you can experience one part of the mBIT Coaching process and offers personal insights into how you are keeping yourself stuck.


You can choose from a 60 minute appointment for $165 + GST or Extended 90 minute appointments for $225 + GST if the issue is more complex.

Both these rates are below my normal coaching fees but offers an opportunity to see if we are a good match for further collaboration.

For many people these sessions can be very illuminating and pretty much all they need to move on and take action. For others it can be the beginning of a whole new level of insights, inquiry and transformation.

Register here for the 60 minute appointment

Register here for the 90 minute appointment

You will be taken to a payment page where you can use PayPal or your Credit card. For Direct deposits, please email me and I can send you deposit details.

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