What people say about Bill

I originally contacted Bill to aid my professional development. The intention was to create greater self-awareness, skills and values. Initially we focused on the practical components of being a chiropractor and how best to serve the patients and myself in a clinical setting.
As the coaching continued over a 3-month period, Bill skillfully guided me through a journey of self-discovery, which demonstrated how I am influenced by my three brains, head, heart, and gut, when consciously and unconsciously making decisions and the negative repercussions of conflict between the three.
His insights in combination with the practical exercises in the mBIT Coaching Workbook have been invaluable in gaining a superior understanding of myself both professionally and personally.
Empowered by a new awareness, I could not more highly recommend embarking on this journey with Bill.

Peter Collins
Chiropractor, Brisbane

A very big thank you Bill
Connecting with my ‘head’ and ‘heart brain’ is easy – however, connecting with my ‘gut brain’ has been very challenging, and my personal appointment with Bill was SO very helpful!  Bill asked several insightful questions which guided me to what was required for me to move ahead, and get my gut brain effectively mobilized.
Further, Bill also connected me with aspects of my heart brain that I hadn’t yet considered.  Amazingly, he also got my head brain, which I thought had already provided all the answers that I needed with this particular challenge, to get really creative, and provide unbelievably new and interesting concepts to consider!
Bill, you are truly gifted and our appointment was a real life- transforming experience!

Delia McCabe
Nutritional Neuroscientist, Gold Coast

If you are like me and are striving for excellence and truly believe that you are in control of your future, then it would make sense to have an expert show you how to develop the skills you will need to shape your future. My personal experience with Bill is that he brings a proven process along with experience and sensitivity to craft a unique program tailored to your specific needs.

Tina Zehants
Company Director, Sydney

I speak to my heart now, usually before I go to bed.  I did understand what you were saying last week about you will know when your heart is talking back to you; however I found it hard to believe.

When I tried it, I actually felt a weight off my shoulders, like something bigger than my brain was caring for me, instead of my brain shouldering all the work. I am feeling more confident, which is something I have asked my heart to help me with.

Becky O’Brien
Business Owner, Mackay

Bill was the guardian angel I needed to rev up my personal life, my career, my health and my wants, needs and goals for the future.  I believe that Bill’s life coaching aims to offer an objective service for those who feel they can’t turn to friends or family for help, or for those who just need a regular boost. Coaching with Bill is very action-oriented and empowering.

Julie North
Executive Officer, Melbourne
After only working with Bill for four weeks, his coaching has allowed me to setup a number of strategies that have really helped improve the workflow in my business. He has helped remove some of the clutter and focus on tasks that produce long term benefits for myself and my team.
I’m really looking forward to continuing with him to develop these strategies so that the workplace not only becomes more profitable, but fun as well! I have no hesitation in recommending Bill’s excellent coaching service.

Brady Downes
Managing Director, Brisbane

Coaching gave me the opportunity to work through some very difficult personal issues with someone who was unbiased and objective, who provoked questions and thought, and provided me with tools to answer my questions by myself.  Bill provided a sounding board for my ideas, emotions and questions, and helped me work through them in a structured, constructive manner.

I can now step back from unpleasant and/or painful situations and respond more calmly and objectively. By being coached from Bill, I gained a very clear picture of my life situation, was able to make informed decisions on areas that needed to be changed, and identified ways in which I could improve my life.

The biggest benefit to my life has been that I now look at life differently.  I know that I am responsible for my own happiness and that every day I choose to have a good day.

Bill has a very thoughtful approach, he encouraged me to ask questions and think about things more deeply.  He has an extensive knowledge of written materials and was always able to suggest reading that applied to my situation and that I found worthwhile and insightful.

Bill is kind and empathetic and gently challenging.  I can cry with him and laugh with him, and celebrate life’s little victories.  I look forward to my conversations with him and always feel on top of the world after them.

Monica Byron
Business Owner, Sydney

I have already started to get some perspective and some ideas on how to move forward to transition my career into a more meaningful & rewarding direction. Bill is knowledgeable, encouraging and above all realistic and wise and I have enjoyed the process. I am confident that after more discussions with Bill I will have a clear vision of my long term direction with more meaningful work and greater life balance.

Sharon Williams
Executive, Sydney


A colleague referred Bill to me.  She had worked with him previously and highly recommended him.  Just having a sounding board was great, but also a person focused on achieving your goals was exceptional.His knowledge of people and ‘what makes them tick’ seemed inexhaustible.  I think anyone that has an opportunity to work with Bill, should take it.

Michelle Petherick
Human Resources, Christchurch, New Zealand

Bill not only taught me to set goals but how to actually achieve them. My sales that year doubled and so too did my salary. My work became like a sport that I loved to play. Just having someone who listened with your best interest at heart was the greatest thing of all.

Rachel Kingswell
Senior Team Leader, Sydney

When I took Bill on as a coach I had just come out of a 10 year relationship. Having Bill coach me every week helped me understand where I was coming from. I never set boundaries that I was aware of and spending the time understanding this has become very important in my life. Through Bill’s coaching sessions I realized that I am responsible for my well being, that I have to be happy with my decisions and it may not suit everybody what I have chosen to do and that is OK.

I guess the most important lesson I have got out of coaching for my growth and happiness I have to be honest and it is always going to be ok, for I have to be content with my actions. Thank you.

Elizabeth Arthur
Company Director, Sydney 

I have gained so much valuable information from my life coaching sessions with Bill. They came at a very opportune time – a time when I was starting to go through a lot of change in my life – and I have been able to implement many of the suggestions he made. We were able to talk in a very down-to-earth manner and in a way that encouraged me to ‘see the bigger picture’, so the advice he gave really made sense and I was able to use it immediately and more importantly, recognize it.

I looked forward to my weekly talks with Bill and I can thoroughly recommend him. The insight into myself has been tremendous and I will carry these benefits with me for a long time to come. Thank you Bill.

Kirsten Downes
Graphic Designer, Brisbane

There are so many benefits that I am getting from my coaching sessions with Bill.  Where to begin??… when I find myself getting ‘stuck’ and I’m not sure of what to do to move forward it is great to discuss with Bill and work through strategies that work for me.  Often I hear Bill’s wise words echoing in my head and by our ongoing chats the strategies are reinforced and my ‘bad habits’ dissipate.

Bill helps me to identify the areas that I need to work on (especially if I have difficulty putting my finger on them) and gives me assistance to find the willingness to actually take the ‘first steps’.  If one strategy works for a while and then I fall off the wagon, it is very helpful to know that Bill has more that I can try.

Some of the tasks are challenging because they mean taking a look inside myself and I sometimes resist but Bill’s positive approach makes the challenges less daunting.  The support is fantastic and the rewards from my work with Bill are well worthwhile.

Chris Burke
Lawyer, Sydney

I have had three coaching sessions so far – it is incredible when you have Bill help you take time to consider yourself: goals and aspirations; successes; life and work values.  I think we all concentrate on the ‘in and on’ our business stuff, and miss the precious time to look at ourselves and how we are fairing.  Bill is brilliant at helping me do this.

Helen Kennedy
Business owner, Brisbane

I recently started coaching with Bill and already I have seen excellent results! I have just moved to a new area and needed to set some goals around getting my non-existent social life happening. In the space of a few weeks I have made significant progress.

I am so delighted with the ‘synchronicity effect’ that is happening once I became clear about what I really want in my life. I would highly recommend Bill’s excellent short program to kick start a flood of activity.

Pip Rose
Bowen Therapist, Noosa

There was something Bill said at a recent presentation that caught my attention. I run two businesses, as well as being mother to a 2 ½ yr old very active and busy boy, so I do a lot of juggling to manage work and family commitments.

I had found myself more and more often getting irritated with my son when I was trying to work and he was demanding my attention…”in a minute” or “just let me finish this” had become a regular mantra and my son played up all the more because he couldn’t get my attention and had started shouting “no puta (computer) mummy” and trying to close my laptop when I was working on it.

He showed me a simple solution and now it just isn’t an issue, which has really helped both of our stress levels. His simple tip has definitely made a positive impact in both our lives! Thanks Bill

Ann Whitaker
Colour and Image Consultant, Brisbane