Do any of these scenarios resemble your life?



You just can’t bear another day at work and your heart screams, ‘What am I doing here? I need to follow my passion.’ Your head responds, ‘Stick it out, who’s going to pay the bills?’ You might even resort to the generic horoscopes or even the pros and cons approach, writing a list of good reasons to stay in the current job, but is your list really impartial? You try desperately to quiet your heart…to no avail. The turmoil continues… around and round.




You’ve turned over a new positive leaf and making goals and plans for your life that you feel really excited about. Soon, however, the gremlins in your mind start to sabotage your dreams. Something blocks you from moving forward or for some reason procrastination holds you at bay. It’s like one step forward and two steps back. You’ve been here before. It’s frustrating and you just don’t understand why you can’t move forward consistently.




You haven’t yet found the love of your life and you’re seeking new opportunities to seek him/her out. Or maybe your heart has just given up hope of ever finding your ‘soul’ mate. But people keep telling you ‘Mr/Miss Right is just around the corner’…you hope.




You’re not even hungry but you keep snacking or indeed grabbing meals. Your head knows it’s a futile attempt to fill the emptiness inside, you know it’s true. Yet you can’t stop yourself from devouring the last of the chocolate cake or bag of chips and still looking for more! It has to stop…




You desperately want to be a more effective leader but feel locked out and haven’t found the essential keys that will certainly open up all your resources and skills…that make it easy for people to follow your leadership. You know this is crucial, no matter what level within the organisation you operate from. There has to be a way…somewhere, somehow.




If you recognise any of the above or see similar situations in your life, then something is happening that you feel you might have no control over, an issue you haven’t yet mastered in your life…and it’s not your fault. It’s all to do with HOW your ‘multiple brains’ are working together.


Let me explain…


The latest neuroscience research confirms what ancient wisdom traditions have been trying to tell us for the past 3,000 years. You have complex, adaptive and fully functional neural networks, or ‘brains’, in your heart, your gut and your head.


These kinds of situations are common when the ‘three brains’ are not aligned and not working well together. It’s also possible for one or more of your three brains to be in conflict or antagonistic with another, meaning they are fighting each other or simply ignoring each other, then life can feel challenging and stressful.


You’ll experience this imbalance as:


  • conflict between thoughts, feelings and actions
  • leading to inaction and fear-based road block
  • not acting upon or sabotaging your dreams, goals and plans
  • trouble making decisions or being unable to stop unwanted behaviours
  • the feeling that something is missing and
  • you’re not fully connected with your deepest inner self



Perhaps it’s time for a different approach?


Something that:


actually helps you internally align your 3 very clever and powerful intelligences?


gets all 3 intelligences to co-operate together?


taps into your innate, authentic wisdom?


honours your scientific approach to life or your more esoteric nature?


What to do next…


If you would like to experience a snippet of what mBraining can do for you then register for a 60 minute ‘mBraining Insight 1-1 Consultation with Certified mBIT Coach and Master Trainer, Bill Lee-Emery.


Simply bring an issue important to you and we’ll find out HOW you stop yourself from moving forward. From here, you’ll have a chance to do something different. You won’t have to stay stuck. You’ll gather invaluable insights that can guide your next steps in life in a compelling and powerful way.


We can help you master the art of listening to and balancing your three brains. You will soon after find yourself soaring ahead of any goals you set for yourself and will be living a more fulfilling life.


Now isn’t that better than what you may be experiencing right now? Come and see for yourself!


Take your first steps… Bill now



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