What, Where and When


One of the best ways to understand the essentials of mBraining is at a public or online event.


 Manshine, Queensland

May 3-6th

This has become one of my favourite annual events. It is a very safe and respectful place for men for men of all ages and backgrounds. There is a different theme each year but it is commonly around ‘good men being good’.

My talk is about following your heart.

What others say about Bill’s talks….

‘Absolutely sensational presentation Bill…I loved every moment – you resonated across my heart, gut and head. You had my complete attention for the duration – quite an accomplishment!’

Katherine Nagle, Business Coach, Brisbane

‘What I found most amazing about the talk you gave was just how much sense mBraining makes. It seems like such a practical tool that most people can easily connect to based on their own experience of the head, heart and gut brains throughout their lives. Very cool, very exciting.’

Cameron Mackinnon, Coach, New Zealand

‘I’m really pleased I attended the mBraining talk on Saturday.   I’ve felt a subtle, yet very definite shift just through having an awareness of how the three brains work.’

Louise Foley, Health Receptionist, Elanora.

‘Having recently attended Bill’s workshop on this amazing break through, I would encourage everyone to attend. I am making great strides towards achieving my goals……at last’.

Dianne Elizabeth, Business woman, Gold Coast

‘After attending a talk by Bill on mBraining it gave me a keen awareness of how the body is so intricately wired and how important it is to allow yourself to tune into the messages you get from all three brains.  I am now less dismissive of my thoughts and actually take time to ‘listen’ to them and be more proactive in being guided by them.’

Mandy Coyle, Business woman, Currumbin

‘I very much and appreciated and valued your talk last night Bill as it reinforced, that I have many resources within me to assist in my decision making, planning and achieving goals… and delving deeper into what is holding me back from achieving them.

It is reassuring and self-empowering to have methods to incorporate into my life that utilizes not only my head brain but also the intelligences of my heart-feelings and my gut-feelings.

My ‘head brain’ also appreciates the science and research that has gone in to making mBraining a reality as I love to be intellectually satisfied! Although my heart and gut-feelings were always what you were saying was correct!’

Stephen Canning, Naturopath, Homeopath, Massage Therapist, Gold Coast

‘I really loved your presentation which was full of passion and enthusiasm for mBraining, especially when you explained how the three brains interact with each other. I noticed today that I felt somewhat different, more compassionate during the day with my interactions with others, especially in my working environment. I also shared some of what I learned with a young client today and she seemed interested in what I was sharing with her.  It gave her a new perspective on how to tune into her intuition.

I’m looking forward to learning more about mBraining and how it can transform my life and talking about it to others and encouraging them to be inspired by your talks.’

Jan Folley, Massage Therapist, Gold Coast

‘Loved being in Bill’s workshop, learning about my 3 intelligences and how they can be aligned has literally ’blown’ my mind.

The importance of leading from the heart is so obvious yet so life changing. I can see when these intelligences are aligned I will break through, make wiser decisions and show compassion myself and others. Thank you Bill!’

Kellie Windle, Coach and Trainer, Gold Coast

‘Amazing – thank you Bill for all the distinctions and insights I gained. Once again , thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Not only the insights but also the practical help for the next step, coming from  MY HEART.’

Claire Hanny, Brisbane

WOW! Outstanding course. Best course I have done in 2 ½  years at The Relaxation Centre. I have self understanding, self compassion, education on knowing how to look and work from within becoming my own resource, instead of looking everywhere else for it.’

Lisa Herbert, Volunteer, Brisbane

‘I enjoyed the course on many levels, firstly for my own insights and growth, my expanding awareness, and how I can share some of this information. I feel a greater connection with myself. Bill is a wonderful presenter and incorporates humour and suitable amount of active participation. I recommend this to others!

Nicholas  Dob, Brisbane

‘Very well constructed and fantastic course and I thoroughly enjoyed the close knit group. All done with loads of joyfulness and fun and full presence. Thank you Bill’

Ross Duncan, Business owner, Brisbane

‘Incredibly powerful with practical advice to put into action. I am now more aware of my intuition and excited for my future. I honestly can’t recommend Bill enough. Life changing stuff!’

 Joanna Treweek, Gold Coast