Have you ever wondered why some people look old before their time and yet others seem to get better as they age? The pace of our world is increasing daily. Social, financial and work related pressures are affecting all of us. But you can be proactive and minimize the negative affects of the world we live in.

Making the right choice to live a healthy life can go a long way in reducing the effects of stress on your body. No one can avoid stress completely, but if you make healthy lifestyle choices, you will be able to reduce your stress and look the better for it.

Be conscious of the things that you eat. Good food can be your best defense in the fight against stress. Take a look through your pantry and refrigerator. Do a quick calculation on the % of whole foods and those processed foods.

Someone once said, ‘The face you have at 20 is the face God gave you.

The face you have now is the face you gave yourself.’

Processed foods will age you prematurely. Whole foods will extend your life. Which do you want? It’s your face!