“I thought I had dealt with my XYZ issues years ago. Why has it resurfaced?”

Perhaps you can relate?

You know, when you figure you have something sorted, but it just pops up again in your face!

A client recently complained about yet another ‘layer of the onion’ – meaning another level of awareness about a habit of hers- even though she has explored it via therapy and body work.

But there still seemed to be another layer of angst and pain.

The question was – why is this still happening!!??

We evolve as human beings throughout our lifetime and we can only handle so much mental and emotional complexity at any one time.

It’s like when we first learned basic maths, the thought of higher algebra or even more complex computations was simply out of our present reach or capacity to understand, let alone do.

Thus there is a time of transition, an evolution of awareness, understanding and practice.

It is the same with our deepest personal issues.

We can only handle so much at any one time before we go into overwhelm and shut down.

But as we progress, our body/mind wisdom figures that we have matured enough to be able to go deeper and resolve whatever the issue is, at a deeper and even more profound level. It maybe a small or large adjustment, but it will be an adjustment.

It can be frustrating if we think we have finally got all the layers of the onion unpeeled and resolved.

But here’s what I sense happens

One of the compelling aspects of the Heart intelligence is that it is connected to our deeper values, and getting to our deeper yearnings is its highest purpose. These are the things that light up our life, make us come alive and give purpose and meaningfulness into our life.

Without this, our lives become mundane and ordinary, lifeless even.

As we evolve and become more mature, aligned and integrated, our Heart senses that we are ready to move into a bigger, higher, deeper, more impactful ‘game of life’.

But the Heart can’t do this by itself.

It needs the support of the Gut and Head. The Gut, connected to our sense of self and core identify may need to expand its comfort zone and include these deeper yearnings of the Heart. This may mean letting go of some aspect of ourselves that no longer serves us or isn’t large enough to hold the new unfolding vision.

There is a period of adjustment, of expanding and letting go. It often means that old stuff resurfaces so we can see the other layers of attachment that are still there.

“Love brings up everything unlike itself for the purpose of healing”.

This is one of my favourite quotes from the’ Course in Miracles’ and perfectly describes the transition process.

It is often full of angst , gnashing of teeth, wailing and the like….(or is that just me!)

The question remaining is – ‘OK what do I do next?’ ‘How do I deal with this?’

Here’s some tips

  1. Use everything you know to support your transition. This could include mBIT coaching, therapy, bodywork, journaling, art, dance, meditation etc. We have recently been using essential oil blends to great effect.
  2. Understand you are in a process that has a beginning and an end. You’re somewhere in between that’s all.
  3. Ask your Heart to reveal the bigger game to you in your consciousness. Sometimes we just need a glimpse into the future. Journaling and dreamwork can be very useful here.
  4. With this future awareness, ask your Gut to actively bring to the surface that which you no longer need. Ask it to prompt you in the direction that awaits you. Ask it to bring its power and courage to challenge of the old status quo and to move into and step into a new version of yourself. mBraining coaching is brilliant for this!
  5. This process may take days, weeks, even months or years. However, when you approach it from a place of compassion and gentleness you give yourself a better chance of thriving through it all.

If you help or support through any part of this – contact me. It’s what I love to do…and have had decades of experience – both personal and professional.