Our Why


I believe…

The world is at a tipping point, that place of no return.

Vital decisions across every aspect of our existence on the planet need to be made…now.

Our state of our consciousness and ‘beingness’ is a crucial element of decision making.

What you and I do, does make a difference.

That we influence each other for good or bad, useful or not useful, life constricting or life affirming.

There are more compelling, fulfilling and inspiring ways to influence ourselves and others – so that we can evolve ourselves for a sustainable humane world.

That we have a time related urgency to attend to our ‘consciousness’.

Our lives and happiness, and the legacy we leave our kids, depend on it.        


If what you read here resonates at some level within you, then please stay longer.

Look more deeply, explore further and when you are fascinated and intrigued, come and join us.

There is important work to be done.

My personal story


We have both felt like quitting – you and I. But we’re still here.


These words from ‘The Road Less Travelled‘ by Dr M. Scott Peck, sums up the essence of my personal story


“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.”


It felt like walking in treacle. My eyes were glazed and I wondered what had happened to me. Like a slow moving morning fog, my mood changed over a few years. I was marooned on my own plateau. It troubled me deeply but I put it down to aging. Perhaps I had done my best work here?


Most people would never guess I was stuck from my outer appearances, but a few close people did. Besides support and concern, there wasn’t much they could do. I felt I had done my bit in the world and nothing really excited or inspired me anymore.


‘Let’s just see it out to the end.’


Kinda like a slow slide into the sea.


Being here but not really fully present.


But somewhere inside, I knew there had to be something I was missing – or needed to reconnect with.


My busy head got onto it. It looked this way and that. Exploring here, searching there. I didn’t realise that I was using the wrong brain to do the seeking at the time, but at least I was searching.


My partner and I started doing Pilates and that was one of the first triggers I can consciously say made a change. In the very first lesson our instructor said a pivotal thing.


‘When you are standing correctly, your heart is slightly ahead of your head.’



Those words seemed burned into my being. I had just been given my first clue.


The second was an online summit I attended about emotional intelligence (EQ) and I recognised one of my mentors from nearly 30 years ago, Marvin Oka. He was talking about ‘multiple brains’ or intelligences, Head, Heart and Gut…and I was fascinated. He spoke about getting all three brains aligned and on the same page. He explained further.


Then it dawned on me that I had been looking for something my heart yearned for but I was using my head to get there. No wonder that didn’t work!


With excitement and trepidation, I attended the next training he was offering. It was in Auckland, my home town, and in a suburb about 5 kms from where I was born.


This wasn’t lost on me.


To cut a long story short, over those 4 days I had found what I was looking for – a re-connection with my heart and my deeper yearnings, not just the fickle stuff that can be entertaining but not ultimately fulfilling.


But more than that – I understand and learned how I could help others reconnect within themselves in such a deeply transformational way.


I was back again.


During a break I asked Marvin, ‘OK so what the real juice of this model? What’s the Why – the big idea?’ His reply was simple, succinct and touching – ‘to liberate the human spirit’.


Now I’m hooked, not just fascinated. Why?


Because for me that is a game worth playing, something I gladly put my heart and soul into. It is the essence of what I personally find fulfilling and satisfying.


Even though I have several applications my work is focused and clear. To assist people professionals (coaches etc), businesses and entrepreneurs to lead from their heart and have their head and gut intelligences support their deepest yearnings.


We (my partner Julie) and I, offer this through 4 day mBIT Coaching Certification programs, specialised programs for Heart Based Entrepreneurs and 2 day Leadership and Decision Making programs for aspiring and emerging leaders. And we love very moment of this work – it makes our hearts sing!


My question to you is


‘Are you fully here?’


‘Are you doing what you are meant to be doing?


‘Do you want to explore deeper?’


If your answer is ‘Yes’ – then let’s connect, let’s chat. Let’s collaborate and do some important work in the world.