mBIT Coach Certification Training


Become a Certified mBIT Coach in just 4 days!


The latest neuroscience research confirms what ancient wisdom traditions have been trying to tell us for the past 3,000 plus years. We have complex, adaptive and fully functional neural networks, or ‘brains’, in our heart, gut and head.


When these ‘three brains’ or intelligences are not aligned and not working well together, life can become chaotic and dysfunctional. It’s also possible for one or more of your three brains to be in conflict or antagonistic with another, meaning they are fighting each other or simply ignoring each other, then life can feel challenging and stressful.


Here’s how you can assist your clients more deeply and elegantly.


Do you want to learn a powerful Coaching model that helps clients with evolutionary change, that brings their human spirit alive and facilitates them getting deeply in touch with their most authentic self?


Do you want to learn to coach not just to the cognitive head brain, but to all the brains – head, heart and gut?


Perhaps you have clients with the following cognitive/personality integration issues….


  • have an internal conflict between their thoughts, feelings and actions.


  • have a pattern of not acting upon or sabotaging their dreams, goals and plans.


  • continually behave in a destructive manner but cannot seem to stop.


  • are indecisive and unmotivated and as a result cannot move forward in life.


  • find themselves stuck in dis-empowering emotional states such as frustration, depression, anger, anxiety, etc.


  • continually suffer health issues, especially those affecting their heart or gut region.



In order to help your clients overcome these issues and empower them to reach for all that life has to offer, you can use the powerful mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) processes which you can learn in this 4 day coaching certification workshop.



You will learn the techniques that are used to re-pattern our brains so that our cognitions or thoughts integrate with our heart and gut to enhance success in life.


Join 2000 coaches in 38 countries in the past 7 years who have embraced this unique transformational coaching model.




Gold Coast 2019


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 Who can benefit from this workshop?


  • Professional Coaches of all types
  • Counsellors and those in the helping professions
  • Trainers and Educators
  • Leaders, Managers, Mentors
  • Anyone in a position to assist others by aligning them mentally, physically and emotionally.


Why attend this training now?


  • Become a leader in this newly emerging and exciting field


  • Stand out and differentiate yourself in your marketplace


  • Massively boost your effectiveness by learning to help others integrate all three types of intelligence


  • Learn to tap into the power of your client’s innate intuition and the wisdom of their heart and gut brains


  • Learn how mBIT can streamline your coaching processes to gain quicker, deeper and more generative results


  • Gain access to a professional network and collaborative community of ‘multiple brain coaches’ that are working together to bring evolutionary change to the world


At this training you’ll discover…


  • How to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three main intelligences


  • Deep insights into how your clients’ multiple brains produce internal conflict and how you can assist them


  • How our gut and heart brains are able to learn and grow new neural pathways and how you can actively educate them for greater intuition and better decisions


  • How to balance the Autonomic Nervous System through the mBIT  Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress 


About your Trainer


Bill Lee-Emery is an experienced Executive and Life Coach, corporate trainer, author of 4 books and international speaker. He is a Certified mBIT Coach and one of just a few mBIT Master Trainers in the world, with a dynamic and entertaining facilitation style. Bill brings 40 years of experience of working with people across a wide and variety of backgrounds. He has many passions – and all link back to being a catalyst for transforming lives.