Why mBraining?




The latest neuroscience research confirms what ancient wisdom traditions have been trying to tell us for the past 3,000 plus years. We have complex, adaptive and fully functional neural networks, or ‘brains’, in our heart, gut and head.


When these ‘three brains’ or intelligences are not aligned and not working well together, life can become chaotic and dysfunctional. It’s also possible for one or more of your three brains to be in conflict or antagonistic with another, meaning they are fighting each other or simply ignoring each other, then life can feel challenging and stressful.


The implications and applications are as varied as humanity is – in essence every person will operate more effectively, purposefully and at a higher level of being, when all 3 brains are aligned and on the same page.


Here’s the essence, distilled for you.


Each intelligence has specialized ‘prime functions’, the things they do best.


While separate intelligences, they can all work collaboratively together as one unit…i.e. as you.


The state of your autonomic nervous system (ANS) can play a major part in how well you can access these intelligences and the role they play in your life.


When these 3 brains or intelligences are aligned and on the same page, life tends to be more fulfilling creative and expressive.


However, when we do not have easy access to these  brains’, there is a lack of communication, they are used for the wrong purpose or they are at odds with each other, life can get very messy and dysfunctional.


Symptoms of dysfunction can include, self sabotage, anxiety, depression, indecision, unwanted behaviours, feeling lost or confused, weak personal  boundaries, scattered thinking, mood swings, joyless, panic attacks, unnecessary guilt, overeating, addictions, emotional numbness, disconnected from passion, burnt out, not living fully, loneliness, over vigilant, unmotivated, procrastination, overwhelm, possessiveness, lethargy, impulsiveness and gut turmoil…to name just a few!


Conversely specific mBraining processes can help you to view life from a balanced perspective, to be more present, connect with your inner sense of peace, joy and love, have easier access to your will power, flow states, wisdom, courage, creativity, intuition, your passion, purpose, direction combined with motivation and inner drive. These are commonly validated from the experiences of clients and mBIT coaches worldwide.


The applications of this coaching model are almost endless and include coaching, education and  training, leadership, peak and  sports performance, managing teams and team cohesion, decision making, health,  personal growth and development, resilience, entrepreneurship, visioning…the list goes on.


You could speculate that wherever human beings want or need to operate at higher levels of understanding or consciousness, there is a part that mBIT can play.


The underlying principle or purpose is to ‘liberate the human spirit’ and for me that’s a game worth playing in my life. The exciting thing for ‘early adopters’ is that this field is very new and there are opportunities for astute and agile professionals to take advantage in these early years and make their mark in your own field.

In the past 7 years, over 2000 coaches in 38 countries have embraced this uinque model.

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